La Savane African cuisine in Harlem

If you want to briefly transfer to sunny Africa, – visit the restaurant of African cuisine La Savane. African cuisine is a mixture of traditions of many countries of the continent. Most often, this cuisine is prepared on the basis of cereals, legumes, olives, nuts, local fruits and vegetables. In meat dishes preference is given to veal and lamb. In North Africa, couscous with vegetables is very popular; on the west coast – soup fufu end (thick soup, richly flavored with pepper); in East Africa, whose cuisine was formed under the influence of Indians, many cereals are used for food – for example, rice with curry spices and millet porridge. Dishes of African cuisine are extremely unusual and diverse, and with the help of this collection you can try them by choosing the African restaurant La Savane.

African cuisine combines the cuisine of many countries of the continent, and each country has its own culinary traditions. The cuisine of the coastal countries is rich in fish and seafood dishes. There are also meat delicacies in Africa. They are camel and pigeon meat, as well as turtle meat. Much more often there are dishes from veal and lamb. The daily menu of the African includes a large amount of bread, cereals and legumes, olives and nuts, as well as local fruits and vegetables.

Shakshyka – a dish of eggs fried in a sauce of tomatoes, hot pepper, onions and seasonings. It is believed that the birthplace of the dish – Tunisia

The cuisine of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), or Maghreb cuisine, combines the ancient traditions of African tribes and immigrants from the Middle East, has the characteristic features of Mediterranean cuisine, it also has a tangible influence of Turkish and European. The variety is complemented by the aromas of spices and herbs. Fresh tropical fruits, especially bananas and coconut, are important ingredients of many dishes. Bananas, for example, are added to cereals and omelets, tomato soups and salads.

The same can be said about vegetables. Of them, not only salads are made, but also fried, baked, stewed, stuffed, less often brewed. The most famous dish of the Maghreb is couscous accompanied by vegetables, peas, fish or meat. Cuskys (couscous) – this is also wheat, which serves as the basis for the eponymous. Historically, cusks were made from millet. In our time, the most common is couscous from semolina, obtained from hard wheat. Outwardly resembles a round rice, the diameter of grains is 1-2 mm.

Cuskys with vegetables and chickpeas

In the countries of the west coast of Africa, soup fufu end (thick soup, from peanut with palm nuts and up to vegetable, with lamb, tomatoes, puree beans and eggplants, is served in some regions, and in some regions it is also sliced ​​and blanched large mealy bananas; To add a spicy taste of soup season with chili pepper and white pepper).

Also popular soup pepper (fish soup, generously flavored with chili). Another dish, which deserved special attention of the inhabitants of the west coast, is a country chop. It is prepared on the basis of rice, in which a generous portion of curry is added.

There are variations of country chop cooked with shrimp, lamb or chicken, and you can try it with all these ingredients together. As a side dish to this dish serve pieces of pineapple, chopped bananas, boiled eggs, mango, peanuts, fried onions, canned vegetables that have a sweet and sour taste, raisins or sardines. Of meat dishes, chicken in peanut sauce is also in demand. For food, the local population usually drinks a certain kind of beer from fermented millet or corn and fresh fruit juices.

Chicken in peanut sauce

East Africa is characterized by a limited set of products, the influence of Indians (consumption of rice and tea) and European colonizers (a buffet with cold snacks) is traced. On the other hand, some local specialties, such as stuffed ham cariba ham, have taken their place in the international cuisine. Very popular mixtures of spices of Indian origin – masala, both dry and in the form of pastes. Finely chopped meat, fried in oil with onions, served with a thick spicy sauce. The most common side dish is rice with curry spices and millet porridge, tapioca, cassava or cassava. The cassava root, cooked with grated coconut and onions, is also offered as an independent dish.

Porridge is eaten and with spinach, lettuce or other greens. The local population loves meat dishes, – first of all, beef and goat meat. The indigenous people know how to cook gazelles and other four-legged game. On the coast is popular and fish, stewed with coconut milk and a lot of tarragon, dressed with eggs. This food is called giram, it is also popular with Europeans. Nigeria and the coastal parts of East Africa prefer chili. Coastal recipes include fish marinated in ginger, tomatoes and cayenne pepper, cooked in peanut butter. Senegalese cuisine was strongly influenced by France; there is widely used lime juice, finely chopped vegetables, onions, garlic and marinades. Popular peanut, palm and coconut oil. The Okra is used in goulash and for thickening soups. Tropical fruits, especially bananas and coconut are important ingredients.

Rice with curry and carrot spices

South African cooking is a mixture of African, Malaysian, Indian, British, French, Danish and Old-Bulgarian traditions. It is distinguished by a large number of spices and seasonings, spicy side dishes, dishes from marinated fish and seafood. An integral part of Boer cuisine are meat dishes. In South African families, it is customary to serve meat roasted on coals – braiflace. Popular kebab and home-made sausages, chops and steaks and shish kebab, as well as Indian curry and masala.